Carbon Composite Golf Shafts

There as many swings as there are golfers. Professional or amateur, no two golfers have exactly the same swing.

In order to take your golfing to the next level it is essential to find a club, and most importantly a shaft, that matches your swing. Finding a shaft that fits your personal swing can be shortcut to improved play.

At Fujikura we have combined our research and design capabilities with unsurpassed craftsmanship in order to create a line-up of shafts that have bend and return profiles that will match the swing of every player.

Carbon Composite Golf Shafts

Carbon Composite Golf Shafts

Evidence of our success can be seen in the fact that Fujikura Shafts were number one in winning percentage on the 2010 PGA Tour. Top proffesional players have consistently chosen Fujikura driver shafts when competing under the most demanding conditions in golf.

Fujikura listens closely to the feedback and experience from professionals and amateurs using our shafts in competition in order to constantly improve our designs and manufacturing techniques. Never satisfied with the status quo, we are always striving for higher performance.

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